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 GMO HSF tool

The GMO HSF tool is a special tool for chamfering the inside edges of bores. 

The cutting insert is held eccentrically in the appropriate holder.

The tool is then inserted into the hole standing and offset, moved back to the center of the hole and moved upwards with the spindle running for chamfering. The extension then takes place in the reverse order.

The base body of the tool is as compact as possible and therefore space-saving. Depending on the version, the shaft diameter is only 10-12 mm and is provided with a clamping surface. This means that the tool can be used in all common tool holder systems.

The carbide cutting edges of the GMO HSF tool are specially designed for the respective component, 

this means that it is designed to suit the desired bevel angle and the desired bevel size.

The big advantage of this tool is how easy it is to use!

If wear occurs, only the cutting insert needs to be changed. The basic holder remains unchanged, which means that the tool does not need to be measured again.

Please feel free to ask us about a suitable solution!