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It all started with the problem ...

... that for deburring a cross hole with Ø2.2 mm, even from well-known manufacturers, no suitable and reliable tool was available on the market for large series. Company founder Adalbert Mattes developed the patented GMO deburrer to enable deburring of this small hole directly and without further reworking on the CNC machine.

The beginning of a success story


The GMO deburrer is being developed as an absolute market innovation. For the first time, even the smallest bores from Ø0.8mm can be reliably deburred in large series. The development focuses on stability and economy.


The first prototype is created and is successfully used in multi-spindle machines for series deburring. The company was founded at the end of 2006. Dipl. Ing. (FH) Gottfried Mattes is responsible for sales.

"Erich Klingseisen KG" is the first regional dealer to include the GMO deburrer in its permanent range.


New major customers in the automotive industry are won. The GMO deburrer also impresses in camshaft production with its easy handling and robust carbide cutting edges.


The company "Kempf GmbH special tools in precision" includes the GMO deburrer in its permanent range. It is now sold throughout Germany.


With the company "TECNIMETAL" GMO expands the dealer network in Italy.


Steadily increasing sales of + 20% annually. The company BOSCH is won as a new customer and the GMO deburrer is successfully established.


Thyssen Krupp is won as a new major customer.


By purchasing a CNC milling machine, you can now produce the tool holders and inserts yourself.


Development of our own production. After the deburring blades were previously purchased under license, it is now being converted to in-house production. This resulted in a significant increase in quality and more flexible options for the production of special cutting edges.


Relocation to the new production hall. With the expansion of the production area, all components of the deburrer can now be manufactured in-house.


"Carl Lucifer Tools" takes over the GMO sales agency in China.


Development of the GMO deburring cutter and presentation at the "Deburring EXPO 2019" in Karlsruhe. Expansion of the machine park by a Strausak tool grinding machine.


Expansion of the dealer network in France and Austria.


In order to do justice to the increasing sales figures, another Strausak tool grinding machine with automated loading is being purchased.

Participation in the "Deburring EXPO 2021" in Karlsruhe.

Sequel follows ...